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1 in 5 French Workers Wants to Get Paid in Crypto, Survey Finds

According to a recent survey conducted by Payfit, a French payroll software provider, approximately 20% of French workers expressed their interest in receiving all or a portion of their salaries in cryptocurrency. Cointribune, a French media outlet, reported on the findings of the survey.

The CEO of Payfit, Amaury Lelong, stated that he found it challenging to interpret the underlying reasons behind the high number of respondents favoring cryptocurrency salaries.

Which Groups of French Workers Want to Get Paid in Crypto?

The survey revealed that among younger respondents aged 18 to 35, the percentage of those who were “in favor” of receiving their salaries in cryptocurrency was even higher, reaching 31%. Furthermore, the data indicated that men showed a greater interest in crypto salaries, with nearly a quarter of male respondents expressing their preference for this payment method.

Interestingly, the survey found that employees working in larger companies, particularly those with over 500 employees, were less receptive to the idea of receiving salaries in crypto, as over 80% of them rejected the notion. Similarly, 79% of individuals in the CSP+ demographic, which includes business owners, doctors, lawyers, and company executives, stated their preference for not being paid in cryptocurrency.

At the beginning of this month, major shopping malls in the country made headlines by announcing their acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

Furthermore, crypto traders in France reported approximately $448 million in profits related to cryptocurrencies this year.

These developments further highlight the growing acceptance and involvement of cryptocurrencies in the nation’s economy.

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